New Kingdom - "Heavy Load" & "Paradise Don't Come Cheap"(Gee Street/Island)   
Medeski, Martin and Wood - "Combustication" (Blue Note/Capitol)    
Ultra Bide'  - "Super Milk" (Alternative Tentacles)   
Sex Mob - "Din of Inequity" ( Columbia/Knitting Factory Records)    
Positive Black Soul - "New York, Paris, Dakar" (Mango/Island)   
Truck Stop - "Unstoppable" (Black Hoodz/Wordsound)   
Various - "Macro Dub Infection-Volume 1" (Virgin)   
Ice -   "Bad Blood"  & "Dusted" remix (Reprise/Morpheus) (•)  
Red Aunts - "Who?" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)   
Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts - "Till Tomorrow"  (Columbia) (•)  
Tricky w/New Kingdom - "Moody Broody Buddist Camp" (Island)   
Crooklyn Dub, Vol.2/ Subterranean Hitz, Vol. 1, 2&3/ Shake the Nations/ Dubadelic, Bass Invaders/ Slotek - various tracks - (Wordsound)  
Slotek - “Slotek” - (Wordsound)  
Bailter Space - " The Aim"  (Matador)   
Various - "Altered Beats - Assassin Knowledges of The Remanipulated" (Island)  
Josh Roseman Unit - “Cherry” (Allegro) 
DJ Logic - "Project Logic" (Rope-a Dope)   
Badar Ali Khan - "Ali the Holy Prophet - Scotty Hard Remix"  (Baba/Triloika)    
Sex Mob -  "Solid Sender" (Knitting Factory)   
Medeski, Martin and Wood -"Last Chance to Dance Trance (perhaps)" (Ryko)   
Material - "Intonarumori"  (Axiom/Palm Pictures)   
Soul Crib - "In A Mellotron" (Mohair)   
Michael Blake - "Drift" (Intuition)   
Chris Brown/Kate Fenner -  "Geronimo" (p-vine/Japan, b-music/North America)   
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Xtra-Acme USA"  (Capitol/Matador)   
Metabolics - "The M-Virus" (Wordsound)    
Scotty Hard - "The Return of Kill Dog E." (Wordsound)   
Organ-ized -  "Swamp Road" (w/John Medeski)   (High Street Records)   
Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan -"Groove a Little" (w/ MMW)  (Tzadik)   
Medeski, Martin and Wood - "The Dropper" (Blue Note/Capitol)   
Leon Lamont - "Breakbeat Mechanic" (Wordsound)   
Crash Test Dummies - "I Don't Care That You Don't Mind" (Cha-Ching/V2)   
DJ Logic - "The Anomaly" (Rope-A-Dope/Atlantic)   
Billy Martin - "Illy B. Eats Vol.1 " (Amulet)   
Mr. Dead - "Metabolics Vol. 2 - Dawn of the Dead" (Wordsound)   
The Word - "The Word"  (Ropeadope/Atlantic)          
Sex Mob - "Sex Mob Does Bond"  (Ropeadope/Atlantic)   
Medeski, Martin and Wood - "Uninvisible" (Blue Note)   
The Pleasure Unit-  “Get Through to You” (TRINO Records)   
Crash Test Dummies – “Jingle All the Way” (Koch)   
John Medeski/ Scott Harding – “Stan Douglas’ Suspiria”   
Charlie Hunter - Right Now Move (ropeadope)   
Crash Test Dummies – “Songs of the Unforgiven” (Deep Fried/Ryko)   
Sex Mob – “Dime Grind Palace” (ropeadope)   
Crooked -soundtrack and album (Wordsound)   
Billy Martin - "Illy B. Eats Vol.2 " (Amulet)   
Mike Ladd/Vijay Iyer – “In What Language” (PI Recdordings)   
Crooklyn Dub Vol.4 -  “Escape from Babylon” (Wordsound)   
Mike Ladd – “Nostalgilator” (K7)   
Mauritsstadt Dub – “Toada de Cavalo Marinho” (Candeeiro)   
Fieldwork – “Simulated Progress “ (PI Recordings)   
Tandy – “Did You Think I Was Gone” (Yellow Slipper)   
Nacao Zumbi – “Futura” (Trama)   
Mamelo Sound System - "Velha-Guarda 22" (YB/Brasil)   
Steve Lehman - "Demian as Posthuman" (PI Recordings)   
DJ Logic - "The Zen of Logic" (ropeadope)   
Billy Martin - "Illy B. Eats Vol.3 " (Amulet)   
Scotty Hard - "Radical Reconstructive Surgery- John Medeski, Matthew Shipp"(Thirsty Ear)   
Mike Ladd/Vijay Iyer - "Still Life with Commentator" (Savoy)   
Charlie Hunter - "Mistico" (Concord/Fantasy)  
Ellen Reid - “Cinderellen” (Mr. Friendly) 
N.I.C. - " N.I.C." (Malicious Damage)   
Senser - "How to Do Battle" (Imprint Music)   
Diva Gash - "2. Lov" (Bogota)   
Candice Anitra - "Bark then Bite" (Heart Sleeve Records)   
Medeski, Martin and Wood - "Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set" (Indirecto)   
Lurdez da Luz - Lurdez da Luz (Tratore)   
Ekundayo - Ekundayo (Ropeadope)   
Stan Douglas - Luanda-Kinshasa (Multi-media film/installation featuring Jason Moran, Liberty Ellman, Kimberley Thompson, Jason Lindner, Antoine Rooney) David Zwirner Gallery, NY
Janet Echelman/Aaron Koblin - "Unnumbered Sparks" (Google Creative Labs) 2014 CODA Video Award winner    
Red Aunts - Come Up for a Closer Look (In the Red)   
Illtet (Mike Ladd, HPrizm, Jeff Parker, Tyshawn Sorey) - Illtet (RogueArt)   
Mongrels - You Dig Raps/Combat Divers -Scotty Hard Remix (Invisible Spies)   
Harriet Tubman - Araminta (Sunnyside)   
Scotty Hard - The Science of Sesh - from Iceland to Africa (Ingram Records)
Harriet Tubman - “The Terror End of Beauty” (Sunnyside/Early Future) 
Kid Acne - “Have a Word” (Lex Records) 
Die Jim Crow/BL Shirelle - “First Impressions Remix” - (Die Jim Crow Records)
Kate Fenner - "Dead Reckoning" (DK)
Sexmob - “The Hard Way” (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

 *  All Production tracks/albums on this list mixed by Scotty Hard except where noted (•)